Thank you for visiting my website!

Here’s a little bit about me: I am a graduate of the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, a bizarre little grad school/seminary in Belltown, Seattle. I focused my research on the intersection of theology and literature. I currently work at the Seattle School as an assistant instructor.

My day job is as a transcriber/editor and quality assurance specialist for 3Play Media. I work with educational videos, movies, documentaries, radio programs, and webinars, editing transcripts and closed captioning.

Apart from school and work, I am a writer. I mostly write creative nonfiction, but I try my hand at poetry now and then. This website is full of examples of my creative writing as well as my academic writing (see sidebar). I also like to create things. (It’s the INTJ in me.) I’m the editor of my school’s first-ever literary magazine, Litand I have a somewhat collaborative blog over

In my free time, I like to write, of course, and read (to say I’m obsessed with John Updike is an understatement). I care deeply about modern and contemporary literature. I am a history nut. I like memorizing things and re-organizing my books/desk/clothes.

So here’s how the site works: a good chunk of my writing portfolio is here to view (see sidebar).  To the far left are icon links to my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.